Essential Deals for the perfect Catering

The catering party is one of the most important of your event. Taste quality and service will be integral to the success of your operation and your guests will remember it.

Here are some nightmarish situations that you’ve probably experienced before:

  • Drinks are lukewarm when you expect them hot
  • Diners are agglutinated around buffets
  • The service is too slow: the first table has finished while you have not been served them yet dishes are served cold
  • In any case, remember that your guests will always remember bad experiences!

Choosing a caterer is a dangerous exercise, even for those who are used to organizing events. That’s why our experts give you here some great principles to help you decide in the choice of your catering event.

By definition, the caterer is a restaurateur who sells dishes that he has prepared himself. Companies wishing to organize a party in the company can use a catering service, because in addition to preparing the dishes, these specialists eventually provide delivery.

Good reasons to call an experienced caterer

The catering service is a more interesting solution than to mobilize your entire team on the organization of the event. The intervention of a caterer helps guide his customers in the choice of dinner. Favor sitting meals if the organization of a company evening brings together a small number of guests. By choosing sit-down meals, it is possible to structure the exchanges at a table. For the good corporate catering services this is important now.

The buffet is a seated meal

The participants will serve at will. As for cocktail reception, this is a formula favored by companies. The advantage with the caterer is that he masters the alliance of food and wine. An evening of business is successful when the guests are well satisfied and that we avoid waste. The caterer is able to advice on the amounts of food needed. The organizer of company evenings also deals with the success of the dinner in companies by preparing the decoration, crockery, tablecloths and towels.

Catering service: a team ready to organize the evening in company

In addition to the composition of the menu, the preparation of dishes, a catering service is responsible for preparing the trays; arrange the dishes to make them appetizing. He takes care of the service and makes sure that every guest has enough to eat. An experienced caterer ensures smooth logistics and intervenes discreetly during corporate parties.

The corporate evening is a way to unite its teams by providing a friendly moment while enhancing the company through a dynamic image due to the intervention of an experienced caterer. The company specializing in events can offer companies different types of events such as product launches, a Christmas tree, a gala evening or a casino evening.

The benefits of Room Savers caterer

The caterer helps companies organize their professional dinner or corporate event. The catering service allows to gather his collaborators and his guests around greedy and festive moments.