The most reliable and compact travel crossovers

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Even compact crossovers, and not only full-size crossovers, and especially SUVs, should be reliable. But they sometimes break. Over the past 14 years, experts from the German magazine AUTO BILD have tested several dozen compact crossovers, and named the most reliable of them.

First of all, let’s say that each model was tested over a length of 100,000 km. Then the experts counted how many times this or that model was repaired, what the breakdown was, and what impressions the test testers had.

1st place – Volvo XC60 D4
The Swedish Volvo XC60 (see photo above) took the first place in the reliability rating of compact crossovers. For the first 100,000 kilometers, there were only minor complaints. For example, after 70,000 kilometers, the opportunity to connect the phone to the car via USB disappeared. The second generation Volvo XC60 was introduced in March 2017. The car has moved to the modular SPA platform, which is already in use in the XC90 crossover, S90 sedan and V90 station wagon. In the second generation, new smart assistants became available for the model, including the semi-autonomous driving system Pilot Assist. In the company itself, the novelty is called one of the safest cars in the history of the global automotive industry.

2 place – BMW X1 xDrive 20i

The BMW X1 traveled the first 100,000 km with almost no problems. He received very good reviews. There was only a complaint about the complexity of the navigation system.

3rd place – Hyundai Tucson 2.0 CRDi 2WD

Hyundai Tucson easily and without any problems drove 100,000 km. If there were flaws, then very small (for example, there was a problem with the tailgate). The engine and transmission after 100 000 km were like new.

4th place – Suzuki SX4 S-Cross DDiS

The Suzuki SX4 S-Cross had complaints about the display of the navigation system, about the gearbox. After 100,000 km of SX4, the S-Cross remained “fresh”, and its engine was in excellent condition. Strength tests he confidently passed.

5th place – Mazda CX-5 took the 5th place in the reliability rating of compact crossovers. Among the shortcomings identified, for example, the old software